About us

We are 3 friends with different learning paths. In the warm summer holiday with many festivals we came up with an idea to start a business. Because we went to festivals a lot, it quickly became clear to us which products we should sell.

As a company and as a team, we always want to be ready for our customers. By offering good support and offering products on request. We look for the latest trends, the most elegant and best products for your festival.

What else do we do?

In addition to entrepreneurship, we also enjoy building people ‘s career. By organizing photo shoots and sending assignments to schools, we make it fun to perform assignments.

Do you also want an assignment as a teacher? use the live chat and see what we have to offer for you! The ultimate goal is that a third party can get a podium on our website. In cooperation with schools and the like, we try to ensure that people build up a career.

By carrying out assignments for us, we give third parties a chance to use their creativity and passion for assignments for their portfolio.