Payment Options

iDEAL is a Dutch standard for internet payments. With iDEAL, Dutch consumers pay for their purchases on the internet via their own online banking environment. It is the most widely used online payment method in the Netherlands. Payments with iDeal are 100% guaranteed and cannot be reversed unilaterally.

Credit cards are the most widely used online payment method in the world. Customers receive a line of credit and pay back the amount they spent in one go, generally at the end of the month. Many of the world’s leading credit card brands give customers a sense of security and most of them offer extensive buyer’s protection and insurances, which results in more conversions for merchants. Accepting payments through credit cards allows your business to sell to customers throughout the world.

With PayPal you can transfer and receive money online quickly and easily. It is a simple payment method to transfer money (also internationally) to family members, friends, web shops and auction websites.

Belfius is one of Belgium’s largest banks and provides its own payment solution to its consumers. This allows consumers to make real-time payments in their trusted online banking environment.

ING Home’Pay is the online payment method developed by ING Belgium, available for everyone with an ING Home’Bank or Business’Bank account.

The KBC/CBC payment button provides an easy online payment method to customers of the Belgian banks KBC and CBC. KBC focuses on the Dutch-speaking population of Belgium, whereas CBC is fully Francophone. In fact, both banks offer the same payment button, just under a slightly different name.

Bancontact is the market leader for electronic payments in Belgium. But Bancontant does more than just online payments, like debit card transactions in shops, making it a familiar name in Belgium when it comes to payments. Bancontact was previously known as Mister Cash.

SOFORT banking is a payment method that is available in 8 European countries and highly popular in Germany. The payment method is based on the principle of a Bank transfer. In contrast with a regular transfer, the consumer only has to verify the payment. Details such as the amount and the beneficiary are already filled out. SOFORT then proceeds to carry out the payment. The advantage of the payment method is that it eliminates human error, making it a simple and fast way to pay.